Together we Ascend

in a quiet breath we find each other

The PEACEDOVE was created to share the awareness that we are one people.

A sign to each other that we are One Family.

Our Planet is waking.
Collectively, more of us are moving from a Silent Center,

a space of One Heart.

We Celebrate Our Wholeness.

enjoying our differences

I invite you to share the Peace Dove with your loved ones,
and your world.

The images can be used on:
flags, t-shirts, postcards,
mugs, cards, album covers, calendars,
clothing, accessories, bracelets, binders,
bumperstickers, stickers - lg and sm, holders for hot drinks,
placemats, design element for drinking glasses,napkin rings, and so on.

Contact Global Peace Media
for rights use of the "PeaceDove" art .

All Rights Reserved: Original Design 1989 / modified ©10/01 Kynthia

Today, more than ever, in a world of highly polarized special interests,
the future of our planet will be determined in large part by our ability as a species
to come together and act globally with a unified vision.

More versions of peace dove below.

Dove 1


Dove 2


Dove 3


Dove 4


Dove 5

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All Rights Reserved: Original Design 1989 / modified ©10/01 Kynthia