Mission Statement

GLOBAL PEACE MEDIA is a non-profit multi-cultural media organization. We produce and distribute video programs that educate people to take more responsibility to better their lives and communities.

Our programs encourage people to stay healthy and to work towards environmental responsibility, educational improvement, economic justice, gender equity, youth empowerment and multi-cultural understanding.

Our achievements include the production and broadcasting of a weekly television series called "Global Vision" has broadcast over 500 shows focused on multi-cultural and global issues over 30 cable TV stations in California and beyond. These shows have also aired on NPR and local radio stations and have recently been offered air time on both a national cable TV station and an international radio station that reaches 100 countries.

Our organization features people and projects working towards economic social and environmental justice as well as helping many low-income and disenfranchised groups produce their own low-cost media materials to educate the community about their particular concerns.