Global Peace Media

Azarra Lanteri
Primary Founder and Executive Director of Global Peace Media, Global Vision and Women in Media.
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Co-Founder of Global Peace Media, Associate Producer and Art Director.

Maria WhiteEagle
Co-ordinating Producer and Women's International Media, TV Correspondent, specializing in Indigineous Issues.

Aradiana Starrs
Senior Producer, TV and Radio Broadcaster on Middle Eastern Affairs.

Sophia Fiore
Contributing Producer, European Affairs.

Dorinda Moreno
Contributing Producer, Latin American and Indigineous Affairs, Director of Hi-Tecz Aztec Media.

Paloma Piacenz
Associate Producer, Women and Peqace Issures Correspondent.

John Lighthouse
Technical Consultant, Audio/Visual Specialist, British Correspondent. (Social-Justice Issues)

Joseph Lyric
Creative Consultant, Camera and Lighting Expert.

Marcos Diaz
Sound Engineer, Studio Manager.

Donna Young
Sound Specialist, Design Audio Expert, Extensive Multi-Media experience.

Mari Star Eagle
Production assistant Resource Development.

Paul de Deus
Contributing Producer, Expert on Health and Complimentary Healing Methods.

Anna Luz
Associate Producer, TV and Radio Correspondent (Environmental Issues).